Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fourth of July was so fun this year!  We had a barbeque with friends and then went to the minor league baseball game in Fort Worth.  After a great game we got to sit out on the field and watch the fireworks.  Perfect moment:)

The Monster Bug

(Sadie) This bug freaks me out!!! A regular sized bee is the size of it's head (not being over dramatic, seriously there were other bees around it.) It was on our tree in the front yard I have no idea what it is but we avoided the tree for at least a week. 

Christmas 2012

(Sadie) This would have to be one of my favorite Christmas's, if you look closely you see Isaac holding a dog clicker. That was my favorite present because it meant a NEW DOG!!!    

The Great Muddy Lake

Hey Sadie here! I'm taking over the blog for awhile. Over summer break we went to Utah, we stopped by the muddiest lake ever! we started throwing rocks in it but after awhile it started getting hot, but The Olsen's thought of the best idea ever!  We all had fun and  made a great memory that day.

This is our dog Jetta.  She is a White Boxer and we love her!  Jetta likes to chase balloons, hike, and swim (only when she gets too deep and has to) and go to the beach to chase birds and dig in the sand.  Her favorite thing to do is just be around our family.  When I can figure out how to put puppy pics of her on here I will.  They are on Sadie's IPod, trapped by technology that is beyond me:(  We got Jetta the day after Christmas. 

First day of school Fall of 2013!  Sadie has become interested in the family blog.  She has insisted that we update it because it is just embarrassing how long it has been.  Sadie is very convincing and pushy.  So here we go!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Western Caribbean Cruise 2012

Here are some pictures from Joel and my cruise to Mexico.  It included stops at Cozumel, Belize, Roatan, and Costa Maya Mexico.  We made some great friends that made the trip so fun and enjoyed our adventure that included, scooters, hiking in jungles, cave inner tubing, zip lining, and hot sandy beaches.  Joel and felt like kids again!